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Stan Cottrell 

Stan Cottrell, the oldest of six children, was born May 7, 1943 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.  He lived a poor and difficult farm life with few amenities and fewer pleasures.  After winning a 100-yard dash when he was 12 years old, the short and wiry Mr. Cottrell discovered in running a sport for which he was ideally suited. 

Running became his main preoccupation throughout junior high, high school, and his years at Western Kentucky University, from which he graduated in 1966.  Mr. Cottrell ran in amateur events while pursuing a career as a teacher and later, as a salesman and manager in the pharmaceutical business.  He launched his professional running career in 1978 with a 5-day, 405-mile run across Georgia. 

 In subsequent years, Mr. Cottrell broke a world record by running 167 miles in 24 hours (1979); tackled his first cross-country run, covering 3,103.5 miles in 48 days and earning a place in the Guinness Book of Records (1980); undertook his first foreign run, the 3,500-mile Friendship Run Across Europe, that took him through 12 countries in 80 days (1982); realized a long-held dream with a history-making 2,125 mile run across China in 53 days (1984); made two unprecedented runs through Vietnam (1988, 1990); scaled the South American Andes by running 1,492 km between Argentina and Chile during the 500th anniversary of the discovery of the Americas, and has continued to run overwhelming distances in many countries around the globe.


A Pied Piper of “Personal Best”

In 1983, Mr. Cottrell founded Friendship Sports Association Inc., and has been hailed as one of the nations’ most innovative goodwill ambassadors.  Because of his apolitical posture, he has been able to foster communication and friendship across the globe.

 When he’s not on the road,  Stan Cottrell continues the more sedentary portion of his work, conducting motivational workshops and assisting corporations in gaining entry into selected international markets.  He personifies that “to do great things, you must dream great hearted dreams.”

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